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1- Complain a lot

Where it might seem like a bad habit to be whiny about what you’re eating at a restaurant but there is a huge possibility that you might get away without having to pay for your meal just by complaining at a restaurant. We are in no way suggesting that you should come up with made up excuses or pretend that there’s something in your food but if your food isn’t good enough or there is any sort of actual problem with it then you should never stay silent or pay for it with your hard-earned money. Point out the problem politely and see where it takes you.

2- Never Hesitate and Ask for more

If you’re out there to buy some expensive electrical appliances then always talk the salesperson into adding something extra into the deal to make it more attractive. Usually sales representative are so eager to make a sale that they would happily add in some extras for the same amount. These extras can be anywhere from asking for an antivirus while buying a new computer or laptop to asking for a free DVD player on your purchase of a big TV or LED.

3- Become a Mystery Shopping Professional

This is a good one that can help you claim a lot of freebie stuff and services. You can sign for free on websites like Mystery Shoppers and the UK Mystery Shopper Employment Agency after which you would be provided with freebies that you would have to review. Besides getting stuff for free if you’re good at what you do then you might also be getting paid an hourly or per product rate to review the customer services or products. To make things more exciting, you might also be working undercover, eating at restaurants or staying at nice hotels for free, to review their services.

4- Become an Online Freebie Hunter

If you like freebies and you think you can never get enough of them then the internet is the place for you. There’s a vast variety of freebie samples and deals that are offered on the internet every day. A lot of people list their old belongings on Craigslist just for the sole purpose of getting rid of them somehow. If you’re looking for new stuff and sample products then you would want to look up for them on one of the many freebie sites that are updated with various giveaway and discount offers on a daily basis.

WOW freestuff is one of the many freebie sites that we have personally tested and have found out to be regularly updated with new offers. The problem that a lot of freebie hunters have to face is a lot of offers have already been claimed until they find out about them. The above-mentioned site is very effective in this regard as they wipe out all the old offers with the new ones for an enhanced user experience. You can also sign up for a newsletter at such freebie sites to stay updated with the new offers as soon as they hit the market.

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