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Freebies can be a lot of help to students who are struggling with their educational expenses. Be it may a bag of crisps or a voucher for free medical examination, students can claim a lot of freebies that can be of great help!

student freebies

As a student, you can take advantage from various organizations, banks, cafes and pubs during your three years so you must take what you can get for free.

1- Go for the right student card
Never pick a student card before finding out what others are offering. You will have to set priorities and what you want out of your student card like whether you want to use it for shopping discounts, discount on meals or saving money on pizzas. A little research prior to going for a student card can help you save a lot of money.

2- Sign up for birthday vouchers
On signing up for newsletters, a lot of restaurants, bars, and cafes give away discount or free meal vouchers to their users on their birthdays. You can use these vouchers to get free meals, drink and a lot more. If you can get your squad to do the same, then you and your friends will be able to save some good money on eating out. Such vouchers are distributed among people so they might bring their friends and family to celebrate their birthdays along with them. You must keep an eye on your e-mail inbox as your birthday closes up.

3- Social Media
A lot of teens already have an account on famous social media websites like Facebook and Twitter but if you don’t have one then sign up immediately. Make sure you’ve ‘Liked’ or are ‘Following’ your favorite companies and brands because a lot of them give away free products for the sake of promotion and product testing. A lot of competitions are also held on the fan pages of various famous brands and staying updated with any such event will definitely increase your chances of winning something.

4- Become a blogger
If you like writing or want to share your views with the world about any specific subject or activity then starting a blog is a good idea. You will have the freedom to review the products and activities that you like or just simply share your knowledge about a specific topic. A lot of companies are looking for bloggers, with a decent fan following, to review their products. The reviewers not only get free products but in some cases get paid quite a reasonable amount of money as well. If you are able to successfully run a food blog or something focused on the city you’re living in, you might get invitations from local restaurants and bars to try out their meals for free and review their service.

5- Become a freebie hunter
If you can manage some time out of your busy schedule then you can look up for freebies online. There are tons of free sample and freebie sites out there that are regularly updated with different types of giveaway products and discount vouchers. You might be able to get your much-needed stationary for free or maybe a nice perfume sample. The possibilities are endless with this one!

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